Cushion Interiors

Replacement Sofa Cushions

When a sofa is used and loved, it is not just the covers which suffer wear and tear. More often than not, the cushion interiors will also need replacing.

MY Sofa Covers are a one stop shop when it comes to restoring your loved sofa back to it’s original glory. Not only are we able to offer replacement sofa covers, but we are also able to replace the interior cushions.

We have a number of options available for your replacement sofa cushions, these are as follows:

The firmest of our seat cushion interiors and most resilient, it will spring back into shape as soon as you stand and offer lots of support whilst sitting. Foam requires minimum maintenance and gives a tidy, neat appearance. Over time with age and use the foam will soften.

Foam Wrap
A foam core in the centre with a fibre wrap as the exterior, this cushion interior gives a flawless blend of firmness and comfort, but with a more relaxed appearance than our foam seat interior.

Duck feather, this traditional, luxurious interior gives a relaxed look and a sumptuous sit
Duck feather is a higher maintenance option needing regular plumping to retain shape. Channels within the interior keeps the feathers spread evenly throughout the cushion so you can be sure the cushion is at optimum comfort levels.

Feather and Foam
The blend of Duck feather and premium foam gives a relaxed look and sit. The foam blend helps the cushion to maintain its shape whilst you still get the feel of a feather cushion. Channels within the interior keeps the feather and foam blend spread evenly throughout the cushion, and the foam provides the added bonus of reduced maintenance.

A non-allergenic fibre suitable for those with allergies to feathers. The filling tends to recover its shape more readily than feather just needing to be plumped occasionally. Similar to feather, channels within the interior keeps the fibre spread evenly throughout the cushion.