How to eco clean your sofa – tip, tricks and hacks.

eco clean

Eco friendly guide to cleaning your sofa

When investing in a key piece of household furniture such as the sofa, naturally, we want to prolong the life as long as possible.

As you’re here, we’re guessing your sofa is beginning to look a bit sorry for itself. The good news is you may not have to replace your sofa covers just yet (well good for you, not for us). Here are some eco-friendly sofa cleaning tips, tricks and hacks for you to try over the bank holiday weekend that might just revive your sofa for another year.

First things first…

Take a look at your sofa cushion labels to determine the recommended cleaning method for your sofa. We would never recommend swaying from manufacturer instructions however eco-friendly alternatives are available for most chemical cleaners.

W – means you can wash the sofa with water
X – you can only use a vacuum cleaner
SW – you can use water or dry cleaner if you prefer
S – the sofa can only be cleaned with dry cleaner

The vacuum is your friend

Before even attempting to clean marks and stains out of the fabric, HOOVER. Before beginning your sofa deep clean, remove any crumbs or large particles using the vacuum. Use the long thin attachment to get right up (or down) into the crevices and if your cushions are removable, take them off and hoover the base too.

Pet fur

If you have a pet, or know anyone with a pet you have surely noticed their fur sticks to EVERYTHING. Your sofa is no exception. The hoover is not always powerful enough to get it all up so use sticky tape or a lint roller to remove that stubborn stuck fur.

Caked in dirt or dust

Fear not, that patch of melted chocolate can be gone! Before attempting to remove grub with a solution, brush it with a hard bristled brush to flake off the cake. Rub vigorously to break up the patch and then hoover up the debris.

Hard surfaces

If your sofa has any hard surfaces, for example wooden feet or arm details, these will also need cleaning. Mix a weak eco-friendly detergent or soap solution and wet a microfiber cloth, ring it out until the cloth is just damp, wipe the surface and dry immediately.

Baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda on your sofa, leave it to sit for an hour or two and then hoover up it up. Baking soda absorbs odours to get your sofa smelling fresh once again.

For particularly pungent smells or further odour elimination try getting an empty spray bottle and filling it with ¼ of a cup of baking soda, 10 drops of your favourite essential oil and topping it off with water. Shake well until the baking soda has dissolved and then spritz all over your sofa. Viola! A cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to Febreze.

Spot marks and stains

Get another empty spray bottle and mix ¼ cup of white vinegar, ¾ cup of warm water and ½ tablespoon of an eco-friendly dish soap. Spray the solution directly onto marks or stains and scrub with a non-dyed microfiber cloth or sponge in a circular motion. Repeat until the stains are gone. Rinse cloth with warm water and use to remove any excess solution. Allow to dry and air.

Heads up – white vinegar has quite a strong smell so give it plenty of time to air. You may want to give it another spritz with your homemade fabric refresher (above) after.

So there you have it, something for you to try over the bank holiday weekend.

Didn’t work? Maybe it’s time to replace your sofa covers after all, contact My Sofa Covers for your quote and free fabric samples.

Worked? Great! Remember us for when the time comes… Let us know how you get on!


NB: Use at your own risk. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions, never use product on a water clean only sofa, never use liquid on a dry clean only sofa.

5 Reasons why you should get your Multiyork sofa recovered

5 reasons get Multiyork sofa recovered

To recover or not to recover

It’s an event we dread. The sofa which once cost us an arm and a leg starts to look sorry and lose its lusciousness. The cozy cushions you’ve spent many nights curling up in are looking worse for wear. It’s grubby, stained and no longer has the stylish edge it once had.

So, what do you do? Do you go out and buy a new one or re-invest into your old beloved sofa? Call us biased but we are definitely for the latter. Read on for 5 reasons why:

More cost effective

Much modern furniture is very poor quality and simply not worth trying to revive or sometimes even buying in the first place. However, if you have a good quality sofa that was British made such as a Multiyork, a refurbishment would be a sound investment.

Unfortunately many pieces of furniture these days are poorly made. You may get lucky and buy a cheap piece of furniture that lasts. But generally cheap sofas are made out of poor quality soft wood, stapled together and will not survive long. Buying a budget piece of furniture may initially cost less than recovering your existing sofa but it will certainly not last as long as older, quality furniture.

If you would still love your sofa if it wasn’t for the general wear and tear, stick with it and recover it. It will cost you less in the long run than having to totally replace your suite every few years.

Better for the environment

Thousands of sofas are thrown into landfill every year. The effect on our environment is incredibly damaging.

Government figures state that England sends more than 50% of our waste to a landfill. That is the equivalent of 62 million tonnes a year. Out of this, 1,590,000 tonnes of waste is classed as ‘bulky waste’. Of this bulky waste around 42% is furniture.

This is equal to 670,000 tonnes of furniture disposed by householders in the UK annually. That is the equivalent of around 4 million sofas per year.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know you’d revamped your beloved sofa and helped the environment a bit too?

Read our full post on why recovering is better for the environment here.

More practical

Recovering your sofa is the perfect way to bring a loved piece of furniture back to life without compromising on the original style. With a strong, quality frame a couch can be completely restored as if brand new. The best bit is, you don’t have to worry about shopping to find a new one and if recovering, having to get it in and out of the house or disposing of the old one.

You know it works

One of the greatest perks of recovering your existing furniture suite is that you know it already fits! You don’t have to worry about measuring up the area and making sure the replacement will go, because it’s already there.

If you are redecorating and fancy a new style you can do that too, you can have different fabrics, different cushions and update it to how you want it to look all whilst knowing it will fit perfectly in the spot where you need it to go.

When you already know your sofa fits, is well made and is really comfortable. It’s a no brainer, it is worth recovering.


Often a loved sofa can gain a family heirloom status. If it has been in your family for some time and has seen many family milestones and events, we can become quite attached.

Whether it’s remembering your children when they were young and snuggling up with them and their blankets or the laughs shared with friends; there are certain things which are irreplaceable. If you cannot put a monetary value on your sofa and feel sad at the thought of letting it go, we certainly suggest recovering is the route for you.

Contact us today for your quote.

Now Available: Replacement Fixed Leather Sofa Covers

Replacement fixed leather sofa covers

Do you have a leather Multiyork sofa which is beginning to look a bit worse for wear? MY Sofa Covers are pleased to announce we now offer replacement fixed leather sofa covers.

The quality of Multiyork sofas is unrivalled. If you purchased a leather sofa, even a decade ago, it will have been a hefty investment. Fortunately now, there is no need to completely replace your leather sofa when it begins to show signs of use – just get the leather covers replaced by MY Sofa Covers.

Common problems such as ink or nail varnish spills, tears, stains and burns can be much harder to disguise on leather sofas in comparison to fabric sofas. And that’s not to mention there the additional damages which a leather sofa can suffer. Whilst a leather sofa is often seen as more durable and long lasting, it is more prone to accidents like scratches or scuffs, and once damages have occurred they are more noticeable.


When investing money into a sofa, it is expected that the sofa will remain part of the household for a number of years, even decades. With replacing worn and damaged covers, that sort of lifespan can 100% be achieved.

These commonly occuring problems can be easily fixed for a fraction of the cost of replacing the suite, and your beloved leather sofa can be restored.

Cushion interiors

MY Sofa Covers are even able to replace your cushion interiors for when your leather sofa begins to sag or go flat due to daily use. MY Sofa Covers offer a range of replacement cushion interiors to add to your suite before fixing your replacement leather sofa covers. Extra fillings to the seats, back and arm cushions to make your sofas as good as new. For more details on our cushion interiors click here.

Do you have a leather sofa which needs its covers replacing? Contact MY Sofa Covers for your quick quote today!

Why recovering your sofa is better for the environment

recovering sofa better environment

Sofas vs. the Environment

These days it is possible to get almost anything quickly and cheaply. The problem is, cheap doesn’t last. Ever heard the saying ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’?

There are many options to buy cheap furniture, including sofas. But how often do you see a cheap sofa fly tipped on the side of a road? It’s unlikely you’ll see a solidly built, quality sofa like a Multiyork reduced to such a disparaging end.

Did you know?

It takes 1000x more Co2 to make a new sofa than it does to repair an existing piece. It is estimated that for every 1 ton of sofas re-used, 1.5 tonnes of Co2 would be saved.

The Statistics

Government figures state that England sends more than 50% of our waste to a landfill. This is the equivalent of 62 million tonnes a year in the UK alone.

Every year thousands of sofas are discarded on our streets or thrown into landfills. The effect on our environment and wildlife is huge, and incredibly damaging.

In recent years, have been conducting annual surveys in order to understand the types and re-usability of UK waste.

WasteDataFlow (WDF) estimate that across the UK, 1,590,000 tonnes of bulky waste is sent to landfill annually. Around 42% of this waste consists of furniture, which equates to 670,000 tonnes of furniture disposed by householders in the UK annually. That’s the equivalent of around 4 million sofas per year.

But it’s rubbish?

Many people believe items that are thrown into landfill are no longer fit for use, yet findings by Wrap suggest that a significant amount of products are repairable or re-usable.

The Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) indicates that around 30% of bulky waste collected from households can be re-used.

Out of the 670,000 tonnes of furniture disposed of every year by British households, assuming 30% of this is re-usable this could stop an estimated 201 tonnes of waste going into landfill every year.


The solution

Sofa recovering! As tempting as it is to throw out old furniture if it’s worn, and no longer fits the décor in your house, there is a much more environmentally friendly alternative.

Recovering your sofa suite saves putting your furniture into landfill, the production of unnecessary greenhouse gasses and saves you time having to look for a new one that will fit.

Contact us today for your quote!

The Life of a Sofa: 5 Facts

Average Life of a Sofa

The sofa is the centre piece of every home. As such a focal point in every household, it makes you wonder what happens during the average life of a sofa.

Whether you use it to curl up with a book in front of the fire, lay on to watch TV or as a place for the whole family to sit and catch up, we’re sure that most of your long days end by going home, getting comfy on the sofa and putting your feet up. A house would certainly not be a home without one.

Being passionate about this particular furnishing, we investigated and found out some facts about who, and what your sofa sees throughout a typical lifetime.

Here are 5 sofa statistics for your amusement, as found by a poll conducted by home insurance company esure.

The Facts

1. Typically sofa owners will sit on their sofa for four hours everyday. This equates to 1460 hours every year, which is nearly 61 whole days sat on the sofa per year.

2. In addition, sofas which share a home with children will endure 527 sessions of kids jumping up and down on them.

3. Over an eight year period, the average sofa will be a bed for 489 visitors. It will even sleep one of the owners for 293 nights after a heated domestic row.

4. The average family eat 13 dinners per month on their sofa. So the next one will probably come as no surprise…

5. Spills, spills and more spills! Over the average life of a sofa, children will drop food and drink on it three times a fortnight and even adults will spill their dinner on the sofa six times a month. Tea and coffee is spilled on your sofa three times a week and wine every two weeks. Over an eight year period, the average sofa suffers 1,600 spills in total.


While we all realised our sofas withstood a lot, the figures are surprising. The sofa is a hugely resilient item of furniture which suffers much abuse in it’s life time. It comes as no surprise that families, couples and businesses invest a large amount of money to purchase a high quality sofa.

With sofas hosting up to 782 visitors over a typical lifespan, suffering spills, doubling up as a bed and having multiple grubby hands and feet all over it, it’s also got us thinking about cleanliness.

While washing can freshen up a sofa, it can often fade colours and patterns leaving your sofa looking less than desirable. After all that use and abuse, maybe your sofa will need a new set of covers every so often.

MY Sofa Covers specialise in replacement tailored covers for Multiyork sofas and fixed covers alike. Get in touch today for your free, no obligation quote.

How much does it cost to recover a sofa?

The Basics

Because you’re here, you’ve obviously been thinking – ‘How much does it cost to recover a sofa?’

It goes without saying that the quality of Multiyork furniture is second to none. Usually high quality and high costs go hand in hand. When reupholstering your furniture, you can expect your money to go just that bit further.

When your furniture begins to show signs of wear and tear and you buy another brand new sofa, although it will be lovely, you will find yourself in the same position again a few years down the line.

This actually makes it more expensive in the long run.

When recovering your furniture you’re making an investment. At MY Sofa Covers we’re passionate about restoring Multiyork furniture whilst providing the best possible service. We want to bring your furniture back to life, making you fall in love with your suite all over again.

What’s more, we can recover your armchairs, foot stools and even tailor your curtains and scatter cushions in matching or complimentary fabrics.

So, How Much does it Cost to Recover a Sofa?

The price of reupholstery or replacement sofa covers varies greatly on size, style, required services and fabric. Typically reupholstery can cost anything from around £700 upwards. But that price will cover you for years to come.

We have partnered with a number of quality fabric suppliers to ensure that we can provide fantastic fabric solutions to suit most budgets. We offer a huge selection of colours, patterns, textures and styles; with thousands to choose from we can help you narrow down your search and find the perfect fabric for you.

The cost of recovering your furniture will vary dependent on the suite, but after asking just a few questions over the phone or via email we’ll be able to provide personalised quote.

Where can I get my sofa reupholstered?

Sofa Reupholstery

Because you’re reading this page, we know you are wondering ‘Where can I get my sofa reupholstered?’

So, where can I get my sofa reupholstered

Well, the answer is… drum roll please… right here!

When your Multiyork sofa, chair or suite is looking worse for wear, we will reupholster it for you, restoring it to it’s former glory.

We offer a premium sofa repair service, which is flexible and tailored to your budget and needs. With the ability to identify your furniture over the phone or via email, there are no other sofa recovering companies who can rival our speed. All we need is some initial information from you, your choice of fabric, and then we’ll take it from there.

Furthermore, MY Sofa Covers will reupholster sofas that require fixed covers, leather covers and mixed covers complete with the matching suite items.

Ready to bring some life back into your sofa yet? Send us an email today; our staff are always on hand ready to assist you with some expert advice.

Example models of MultiYork furniture we can recover.

We are able to make replacement sofa covers for many models of Multiyork sofas. Including (but not limited to):

Long Island,

Don’t see your model listed or don’t know it? No problem, just drop us an email, attach some photos of your furniture and include whatever additional information you have and we will identify it for you OR send an enquiry through our form.